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After cracking my i pod screen I paid X digits (i phone specialists) £40 to fix it and sent it off for repair.However I then discovered some quite bad reviews about the company and became worried this was scam and I may not see my i pod again.

However the day after I posted it i received an e mail confirming receipt of my i pod by X Digits and then 3 days later another confirming my i pod had been repaired and had been dispatched back to me. My i pod came the next day in the post very well packaged and in perfect condition.

The whole repair took less than a week from day I sent it.I am extremely pleased with the service I received and would not hesitate to use this company again!

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X Digits - Ipod Touch repair

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I sent my IPod Touch for a very Minor screen repair.

I had an email back to say "˜we could not fix your device, our best technicians tried doing everything possible to get your device working again but they were unsuccessful because the damage on your device was too severe'.

This was a very minor screen problem so I know it can be fixed.

They asked me make the outstanding payment so that they can return the device.

I tried to call them to organise this but their telephone was engaged for days and days.

I have reported this company to trading standards and would advise you not to use them!

X Digits - No Warranty on a faulty repair

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This company had my sons Iphone for repair, it cane back (I have just learnt that this fact makes me 1 of the lucky ones) and worked in a fashion for a few days then the same fault occurred again. I e-mailed them and received no reply, I e-mailed again still no reply so I telephoned and when I explained what had happened they hung up on me and the phone remained engaged for the rest of the day.

DO NOT DEAL with this company they just take your money and do not repair the phone correctly. They are cheep because they do not do the job your expecting pay a bit more and get a proper repair.

I have reported the company to Trading Standards

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